Shamanic Bodywork Testimonials

Jenoa is a healer’s healer, I am so deeply grateful for her powerful, beautiful work. intuitive, masterful, and deeply kind, Jenoa’s spirit led therapy shifted my cellular body and lifted my very being.
I only wish we lived in the same city, I would be on her table weekly. Thank you Jenoa, your medicine is a gift- G. Breedlove, medicine woman~

Jenoa is a master energy healer. I have never come across someone with such a strong and easy connection to her healing power. A session with Jenoa works on processing and clearing blockages at every level; physical, mental and spiritual. She’s the extremely rare combination of highly educated in physical therapy & bodywork and masterfully capable in energy work. If she happens to fall into your path count your blessings and take hers. -Kate Thomas PhD NYC

Jenoa is a deeply intuitive and highly skilled body worker. The depth of resource that she brings to her clients legitimately heals on so many levels. Our last session basically ended with an energetic purging that I wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t been there. It all seems possible with Jenoa and its all in the name of sincerely deep healing. -Hillery Sklar NYC

I woke up with more energy than I’ve had for a long time. I feel so great THANK YOU! I feel like I’m able to become more fully present in my NOW with all aspects of myself integrating back in – so amazing, you are a miracle worker! -Olivia Rae Los Angeles

Today I woke up feeling a lot more like me. You are a freaking miracle worker!- Kyoko Nakamaru Venice CA

Medical Massage Testimonials

I can honestly say that Jenoa has changed my life. She’s made my chronic pain bearable where others could not. I tried Soothe, and other services and am so grateful to have found her. She has so much knowledge whatever is happening with my body on any given day never trips her up.

-Culver City, CA

Even when she’s not fixing some immediate issue, and giving me a regular type massage, her touch is still so exacting. She really knows her anatomy, and it shows.

Malibu, CA

Thank god for Jenoa! She is very strong where she needs to be but never hurts me in a bad way, if that makes sense. she really listens to what my body can handle.

-GMR Beverly Hills, CA