Although my background is in medical massage, it became clear a few years ago that physical adjustments were a very small part of what I was meant to be doing here. This work is deeply grounded but opens a high vibratory portal for your guides to come through, for light codes and light frequency medicine to assist in the clearing of old outdated technology and make room for the downloads that stream in. This work is an extension of my medical bodywork but with a powerful energetic and interdimensional exchange. You will feel very different when we are done. Lighter, more focused and more of what is the sweet essence of you, but one step farther along on your awakening journey.

Please allow 2 hours of time for us to work, and don’t have big life events scheduled after. You’ll want to have time be present with yourself to integrate the energetics.

Each session is channelled for the clients highest vibrational good but here are some things that I’ve held space for….

Soul Retrieval Ceremony- Messages from Ancestors- Sacred Geometry downloads into DNA- Advanced DNA Activation- Vagal Toning- Grief Release- Pineal Gland Activation- Chakra Expansion and Reunification- Nadi Release- 5th dimensional downloads- Arcturian Technology downloads- Embodiment Reset- Interdimensional travel- Nervous System Upgrade, Lovelight/Lightlove balanced integration.

The intention of this work is that we ALL hold more light in a consistent and joyous way.

*see testimonials for feedback on these sessions*